When I was about five years old, I became fascinated with my father's journal. It was heavy, dusty, leather-bound, and had a handmade pen as accompaniment. I'd no clue what was inside, but the wondrous worlds I was sure were chronicled within inspired the young narrator in me. My interests have morphed at least slightly since I was a child, but I've managed to write non-stop since. Now, I am able to support my family through writing; but, those aren't the stories I yearn to tell. 

With so much to say, I started Suggested Browsing to display my thoughts, opinions, and machinations with the world. I've also had the opportunity to realize my childhood dream of writing my own novel, AnthraciteNow that the itch to write what I want, when I want, has been identified, I want nothing more than to do this full time. And so....

I've launched a Pateon! There, as well as this website, my material will be available with additional podcasts and occasional live-streams. 

I have been so grateful for the support and feedback thus far, and I am excited for what is to come. 

I'm so pretty, who wouldn't want to give me a dollar or two? 

I'm so pretty, who wouldn't want to give me a dollar or two?