Proteus in Spring

...All recollection would have me at sea.
The hushed being, content to harbor only I - and I feared.
Feared what world would have such room; and keep only I.
Yet, distant shores beckoned weary eyes.

I found them effortlessly.

My first steps timid and smooth into sinking, warm sands.
Captivated by a powdered world, eager to greet
Subdued by its welcome.

Spring, shimmering and of all sorts whimsical - it paraded, this land.
Whether of or for myself was for us both to decide, and of little concern.

This was theatre.
On high, staccato bellows of deep and joy.
Merry chimes, to the wind and back;
Rustling tree of leaf and limb and heart.

My next steps recognized a path.
No, another; or, say two or more.

Declarations of travelers past -
The island and I knew I’d have to forage my own.

Following a symphony of hen,
Until interrupted by an unburdened frog
Bounding, soaring toward this world’s highest reach.
I could not leap, nor soar, nor bound.
I could climb.

My new world’s hum grew sour upon my approach,
Distant, swallowed, now gone.
As atop Mount Lonesome I stood;
Alone, but for the scarecrows circling the peak.

Left to scare only their poor maker, I’m sure.

Quickly my steps found the soft sands and hum again.
By moonlight, starlight, and those of living dancing flash bugs,
I rested a moment where my journey began.
My purpose eluding me, my resolve failing.

My world should have left me to that sea.

A flash, another and more.
All too soon, all too many.
Stars shot and raced through and out of sight -

Carrying my worry with them.
This was my purpose; and so, I turned.

For the first time, I let this world guide me.
Tracking stars into the night, flash bugs steer me true,
Headlong into a cyclone of dancing light.
A celebration between the world and I.

Still I kept, as still I could.
Elation within me as my world continued to be,
Only brighter, only faster, only more.
White, white, and away.


Inspired by Proteus, a Video Game by Ed Key and David Kanaga.